4 Ways to Decorate with Plants

Here are 4 ways to decorate your home with plants (without trying to kill them).

1. Floor Plants

Floor Plants are the perfect home accessory for sprucing up the space.
The correct height and type of plant plays an important role. For most homes, the recommended average height of a floor plant should be within 1.6m – 1.8m if your ceiling is within the standard 2.8m – 3m height.

Most common floor plants used these days include: Birds of Paradise, Monstera & Fiddle Fig.

2. Fresh Cut Blooms

Fresh cut blooms are a great option for homeowners who love changing up the “scenery” of their homes on a weekly basis.

And before you think that it would be troublesome for you to go down to the florist every week, there are fresh bouquets subscriptions which you can subscribe to these days! You may check out FreshBlooms.co for more information.

3. Succulents & Cacti

Don’t have green fingers or sufficient sunlight in your homes? Succulents and cacti are the excellent alternatives for you include them in your home decor.

Also, these days the artificial succulents and cacti are so realistic, I promise you that no one will notice the difference at all.

4. Dried/Preserved Flowers

Using dried/preserved flowers and plants are the best options if you do not like faux flowers/plants. 

These dried flowers and plants can last up to 2 years if they are well taken care of and are not placed at locations where there is direct sunlight.

Floral Mikelle offers bespoke arrangements as well as their very well thought out pre-arranged pieces. 

A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.

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