Differentiate Between ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ Concept

Modern and Contemporary are often confused, but they actually mean something different. The general term of contemporary interior design is actually the general term of the most fashionable styles nowadays. It does not represent a genre of its own, but will continue to evolve over time. And what contemporary wind interior design place represents, it is to have geometric shape, line concise feeling to wait for mark, at 20 to 50 time popular, and the name is called “contemporary” designate style.

In fact, the design elements of modern style can indeed be shown as one of the design forms of contemporary style at the same time. Is the definition between the so-called modern and contemporary style, which can often be quite confusing.Contemporary decoration design style, tend to create a pleasant, light fierce and clean breath, and at the same time applicable to the design of offices, shops and household. The contemporary style aims to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the home, in order to make people feel relaxed.

The main feature of contemporary interior design is the depiction of line sense. No matter apply at bold color piece, square furniture, wood floor, carpet and window frame, or on the sculptural artwork that is modelling with geometric shape, can see its concise, neat line is applied.

Vacant and empty walls above and around the furniture are equally important as the area where the objects are placed to avoid visual fatigue caused by disorder. Each furnishings, also beg to be able to show a householder unique personality and taste.

Smooth, concise and geometric shape is the basic form that contemporary style furniture designs, black and white, neutral tonal quite popular. The design modelling of furniture usually deviation is simple and neat, do not have the existence of curve or adornment design.

In a word, contemporary interior design generally advocates “Less is More”. Return to basic, direct and even bold design, inclined to customize the structure and modeling are unique furniture.

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